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Affinity SUPREME Pink 50g

Price: 32,12 €

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1 phase gel

Limited Edition - 50g of your favorite Affinity gel !

The first gel from the new line Silcare ® AFFINITY based on a special formula with improved properties: thixotropy* higher about 20%, increased adhesion by 60%, increase in the stiffness of the polymer chains by 40% through high cross-linking polymers, colour temperature reduction by about 20% by using azure filter UV to avoid yellowing.

1-phase Gel,medium thick, self-leveling. This gel after curing is clear with a very delicate pinkish afterglow.
Perfect adhesion both on natural nail plate and tips.

Curing: 36W /2min.


*Thixotropy is the property of certain gels or fluids that are thick (viscous) under normal conditions, but flow (become thin, less viscous) over time when shaken, agitated, or otherwise stressed. They then return to a more viscous state.


Silcare (Malta)

  • ADD.  Beautica, Triq il-Bacir il-Gdid, Paola. Malta
  • TEL.   +356 27 033 033
  • MOB.  +356 77 033 000


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