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High LED Clear Gel 15g

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1 phase gel
The innovative polymer system HIGH LIGHT LED GEL is the technology of the highest quality.

With its unique gel formula, curing time has been reduced to 30 seconds in LED lamps, CCFL lamps and traditional UV lamps. It is a 1-phase gel with medium viscosity, suitable for use on natural nail, application for tips, as well as for sculpting technique.



- 1-phase

- Great flexibility and strength

- Self-Leveling

- Medium viscosity

- Curing time: 30 sec

- Superior gloss


- The curing time of gel reduced to 30 seconds in the LED, CCFL and 36W UV lamp.

- About 20 min less time spent on treatment

- Superior shine when applied as a finishing coat over colour gel, gel polishes and nail art, no need for shine gels

- Gives extra protection to all types of nail art

- If applied properly burning sensation significantly reduced



Curing time in LED, CCFL and 36W UV lamp :

- Base layer - 30 sec.

- Building layer- 30 sec. (wipe with cleaner before filing)

- Finishing layer - 30 sec. (wipe with cleaner to obtain superior gloss)


Silcare (Malta)

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