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10 in 1 Soak Off Clear (builder in a bottle)

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The revolution has come! Silcare 10in1 Revolution Hybrid Gel has 10 properties contained in one product! With his help you will cure weak and fragile nails, build nails on the form, and even extend and reconstruct them. You can use it yourself, but it will also work as a foundation for a color hybrid. Available in two color versions: Clear and Light Pink, which can also be used as a stand-alone color

It is intended for all types of nails, even those severely weakened. It will make every hybrid stylisation last for a very long time. Irreplaceable, innovative, revolutionary!

Silcare 10in1 Revoultion Hybrid Gel is:


Base - ideally suited as a base for hybrid and gel stylizations

Superstructure - thanks to its high density consistency and excellent self-leveling properties, it is perfect for building the C curve, filling in unevenness or refilling

Extension - the appropriate thixotropy of the product allows you to easily extend the nail plate on the template

Mechanical and thermal resistance - after curing the product exhibits excellent mechanical properties and works perfectly with a natural nail plate; it is not sensitive to temperature, thanks to which the styling retains its shape and hardness and is extremely durable

Top - can be used as a surface preparation

Strengthening - physically strengthens the nail, creating a hard coating that protects the nail plate from the influence of external factors

Hydrolyzed keratin

Amino acids



Amino acids, minerals and vitamins are contained in wheat germ extract and brewer's yeast extract.


Base preparation: apply a thin layer on a natural nail plate and cure under a UV / LED or LED lamp with a power of at least 36 W - 1 minute When applying, apply a thin layer and then two coarser layers.

Surface preparation: cure under a UV / LED or LED lamp with a power of at least 36 W - 1 minute


Silcare (Malta)

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  • TEL.   +356 27 033 033
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